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Our school trains children and adolescents to be leaders and to obtain high quality global education regardless of their ethnicity and social status.

Brought to you from Villanueva, Casanare, Colombia.


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About us


M&M Initiatives

All our initiatives are aimed at improving the quality of life of our beneficiaries.

Champions M&M

Since our town is in the middle of a migrant route, several Venezuelan families usually bring their children to us for food, housing, and education. Although this was first thought of as a temporary home, some children have stayed for more than a year. Our goal now is to help them to get accepted to and graduate from university in 10-15 years, and in that way change their future.

M&M for everyone

Every Friday afternoon one of our tutors and a group of students go to a small village 1 hour away from the town where they teach a few children eager to learn languages. This activity is meant to give farmers’ children the opportunity to learn no matter where they live. You could join us on this weekly adventure.

Green M&M

This ecological project is led by one of the tutors and a group of students. They have planted over 1000 trees in the last two years. Every Saturday morning they go together either to clean parks and rivers or to take care of the trees already planted.

Mentoring exchange project

Our project aims to connect our beneficiaries with mentors from all nations.

Institutional video:

Our innovative education oriented to families which to take charge of their children’s apprenticeship.

 ✔. Personalized education, each tutor is in charge of a maximum of six students.

✔. Multilingual training, English, Mandarin Chinese, French and Portuguese.

✔. International interaction with foreign volunteers from the U.S.A, China and Europe.

✔. Finnish teaching methodology.

✔. Singaporean logical mathematics.   

✔. Native professors.

✔. Ethical values: Discipline, Happiness and Love for God.

✔. Alternative curriculum without unnecessary subjects.

✔. National and international awards

✔. Excellent results in exams: ICFES, HSK, TOEFL, IELTS.

Multilingual Training

We offer a certified international, multilingual (English, Mandarin, French, Portuguese, Braille, Sign Language) personalised programme in an optimal learning environment.

We are part of a select group of families who are following the Finnish and Singaporean educational methodology.

International Interaction

Our students and their tutors travel every year to countries such as the United States and China to take certification exams.

Tutor exchange.

We have native tutors on a permanent basis.


Happiness, discipline and Excellence

Our excellent academic results are related to a culture of discipline and demand.

At M&M our children’s happiness is as important as their academic performance.

High-quality Education

Our tutoring is focused on pure sciences and languages.

We have several national and international awards for our educational quality.

International Certifications

Our students' level of English enables them to pass demanding international exams such as PET and IELTS from the University of Cambridge.

Innovation awarded by the Presidential Counselling for youth.

M&M had an ambassador for One Young World 2019

M&M had Young Ambassador USA 2019

The HSK test we took at Andes University and Beijing University certifies our Mandarin language level at an international level.

Harvard University, through the EdX platform, allows us to certify knowledge in a virtual and accurate way.

Nanjing University in Beijing via the Coursera platform certifies our knowledge virtually and successfully.

Our Team

Passionate, dedicated educators

Hermes Mojica


Milena Mojica

Secondary school director

Ana Maria Mojica


An alternative to public and private schooling models

With our focus on small classes, we are able to provide the support kids need to become emotionally, socially and academically mature.

Access for All

About 80% of our students have some level of scholarship. Students’ families pay what they are able to afford, and most older students teach younger students as part of their scholarship.

Our families have also taught and housed dozens of Venezuelan refugees in 2018 and 2019.


English Immersion

Students are immersed in a English language environment, with tutors who have high levels of English. 

Students are required to take Cambridge English exams to get international certification of their English abilities.


Full Curriculum

Foreign languages, history and global affairs, sciences, mathematics, and Spanish make up the core of our curriculum. We cover all topics on Colombian national exams, and much more.

Mandarin Chinese

Mandarin Chinese is a pillar of our educational model. All students must study Mandarin in addition to the rest of their subjects.

Contact Us

Please reach out to us via email, phone or WhatsApp if you’d like to learn more about our school or talk to our staff.

Main Location

Villa Luz Carrera 1c #3-125,
Villanueva, Casanare

P: +57 316 381 7735